Ex. 3: Recommendation Report for Localizing a Website to a Japanese Audience


In this report, I demonstrate my understanding of cultural rhetoric by taking an e-commerce website, “Hello Honeys,” created for an American audience and make recommendations to change the website for a Japanese audience. To create this report I first researched the Japanese culture and what a Japanese consumer would expect from an e-commerce website to gain their business.  Building trust was one of the key aspects of making changes to the website for a Japanese audience so I made sure to focus my recommendations on ways to gain trust from Japanese consumers. See Figure 1 for information on the need for localization to a Japanese market and the findings on the Japanese audience.

The next step I took after research and creating guidelines for a successful website, was to thoroughly dissect the American website for features that would appear offensive or confusing to a Japanese audience. I then created a list of recommendations for the site master to change on the website. See Figure 2 for a snap shot of a portion of recommendations made.


Full Report:Localizing Hello Honeys Website for a Japanese Audience

Need for LocalizationFigure 1: Sample from Recommendation Report on showing the need for localization to a Japanese market and understanding the Japanese audience.

Recommendations for websiteRecommendations for website 2

Figure 2: Example from Recommendation Report of recommendations made for localizing the website to a  Japanese Audience.

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