Ex. 1: Usability Test


This is a usability test I performed on a classmate for a website he created to use as a portfolio of his professional writing work. Below in Figure 1, is a screen shot of part of the results from the usability test I performed. I have also included a link to the report I created for him about the results and recommendations I had to improve his site.

This exhibit showcases my awareness of the Professional and Technical Writing field and the importance of different website elements for a finished product. The report also showcases my abilities my to perform a variety of usability tests and writing reports. To perform the usability test I used my own experience both from my undergrad and MA degree but also experience in the writing field to offer my professional opinion on the appearance and usefulness of the site. I also used third-party usability websites to test aspects of the artifact like readability, color contrast, and links.

Website Usability_Daniel Craig_byKL-1_Page_2

Website Usability_Daniel Craig_byKL-1_Page_3

Figure 1: Website Usability Test performed on a writing portfolio website.

Website Usability_Daniel Craig_byKL-1

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