Statement of Competencies

“The reader…does not start by knowing what we mean. If our words are ambiguous, our meaning will escape him. I sometimes think that writing is like driving sheep down a road. If there is any gate opens to the left or the right the readers will most certainly go into it.” –C.S. Lewis

My career has been centered around writing whether it was my time as a journalist, editor, communications coordinator, or working in higher education. As a writer I have the opportunity to share some incredible moments in people’s lives.

During my time as journalist I won three awards for my writing. I received my BA (cum laude) from Whitworth University in Journalism and Mass Communications and am currently in the process of earning my MA in English from CWU with a specialization in creative and professional writing. I am currently the Director of Donor Relations for Central Washington University.

I was recently published in the Manastash Literary Journal. I enjoy writing fiction and creative nonfiction. I am currently working on my first novel.

I also perform a lot of technical writing in my current position at CWU. The most important piece of technical writing is the ability to understand my audience and their need of the document I am about to create. It is necessary that I understand the context of the situation and work toward creating a document that is easy to comprehend by its intended readers, and is useable and useful. I strive to make all of my documents compelling, clear and concise.